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What is Scleromyxedema?

The abbreviation most often used used for scleromyxedema in the support groups is SMX. 

is a rare connective tissue disorder. A person with scleromyxedema will experience thickening and hardening of the skin along with papules which are small raised bumps. The progressive thickening may cause the person to lose mobility in some areas, such as their hands or the opening of their mouth. Scleromyxedema can also become systematic and effect areas such as the heart and lungs. 

Some of the treatments for scleromyxedema are different types of chemotherapy, steroids and IVig. From my research, it appears that IVig has been the most successful treatment for most people.  

At this time, there is no cure for scleromyxedema. Patients will have to follow some sort of treatment plan for the rest of their lives. If left untreated, it is a progressive and sometimes fatal disease

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